NanoVi Sessions


NanoVi increases cellular regeneration for improved immune function and health.

Free radicals damage your cells each day. Damaged cells lead to aging and poor health.

So if you want to strengthen your immune system, increase your vitality, and slow the aging process, you'll want to understand how excess free radicals and oxidative stress can harm your body.

Every cell needs to convert oxygen and glucose into energy. This ongoing process called cell metabolism is essential for all cells. Metabolism produces two kinds of highly reactive oxygen radicals known as ROS. For simplicity, you can think of one ROS as bad and the other, good.

“Bad ROS” are free radicals that damage your cells, whereas “good ROS” emit the signal that initiates cell repair.

Unfortunately, the damage always outpaces the repair. Antioxidants help prevent damage by neutralizing ROS but they can do nothing to repair cells.

This is where NanoVi™ can help. By producing precisely the same signal as the "good ROS", NanoVi™ augments your body's natural repair mechanisms.


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