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Healthy Meal Service

Spa Services



Whether you have chronic health issues you would like to alleviate, want to lose a few pounds or just want a healthy vacation, we can accommodate your needs.

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Healthy Meal Service

Balanced meals designed for you and your goals

Detoxification, intestinal cleansing, optimum nutrition, recovery of vitamins and minerals, weight-loss, increased energy, hydration, digestive enhancement, hormonal regulation.

We can accommodate most dietary requirements.

Includes food and service for breakfast, lunch and dinner

$85 dollars per person per day (2 person minimum)

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SPA Services

Balance Massage: $120 (60 mins)

Alignment of the chakras, structural adjustment, negative energy release, reflexology, aromatherapy and simulation of 4 hand massage with electrotherapy.

Rehabilitation massage: $100 (40 mins)

Aromatherapy, electrotherapy, inflammation reduction, injury rehabilitation.

Natural Balance Facial: $80 (50 mins)

Light facial massage, exfoliation, moisturize, purification, rejuvenation, vitamins and minerals and UV protection.

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Group Functional Training

(Max. 5 people per session)


Burn body fat, increase muscle mass, tone every part of the body, release negative energy, detoxification and vitality.

Personal Functional Training

(1 person per session)


Burn body fat, increase muscle mass, tone every part of the body, release negative energy, detox, vitality, concentration, improve reflexes, endurance and strength gain.

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Tours last approx. 3 hrs. Price is per person.

Puerto Vallarta Sunset Tour


Discover the magic of Puerto Vallarta, take a guided tour of Zona Romantica, Rio Cuale and El Malecón then immerse yourself in the authentic tastes of Mexico with samples of the best street food.

(includes 4 tacos and 1 water)

Hike The South Bay


Hike through the lush jungle following the coastline of the south bay and return by water taxi.

(includes a coconut)

Start time: 9AM

Additional Activities

To enhance your trip, we can arrange additional tours and activities - below is a selection.

If there is anything you would like to do that is not listed, let us know and we will arrange it for you.

Balance Package

Combine all services for a retreat experience (min. 2 people)


  • Balanced meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Daily functional training

  • 1 Massage

  • Use of restorative equipment (BioMats, Vibration Plate)

  • Puerto Vallarta Sunset Tour

$ 470 per person X 2 days ($235 x day)

$ 490 per person X 3 days ($163 x day)

$ 530 per person X 4 days ($133 x day)

$ 570 per person X 5 days ($114 x day)

$ 600 per person X 6 days ($100 x day)

We can create a personalized package based on your goals/conditions.

For trips longer than 6 days, we will create a more in-depth protocol with different pricing.


Contact us for availability and a quote

”I am still feeling the effects of this glorious trip! I can’t thank Lucy & Cristian enough for bringing everything together for an unforgettable moment in time. I am so excited being in this new phase for myself, and all the discoveries I’m making. I would never have guessed, that at this point in my life I would experience a new lifestyle and establish a new vision for myself. Remarkable, to say the least!!”
— Pam, Oakland, CA