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Dr. Brian Ramos


Dr. Brian P. Ramos, affectionately known as Ram, is a Neuroscientist with a Ph.D. from Yale School of Medicine, a published author, certified stress specialist, health & nutrition expert, and yoga master with decades of experience that go beyond secondhand knowledge, research, or book learning.  He is an accomplished teacher that emphasizes direct experience as the best and most effective of all forms of learning. Dr. Ramos is the founder and owner of Rama’s Rooted Tree, Inc. and the creator of the Art of Stress-Free Living Retreats and DNA Hacker Secrets Mastermind. He is also the author of numerous peer- reviewed publications in neuroscience and molecular psychiatry and is the author of and The Art of Stress- Free Living: Reprogram your Life from the Inside Out. Nowhere else can you learn how to integrate powerful techniques and approaches developed and tested by a yoga master and Ivy League trained scientist with a vast breadth of knowledge coupled with a compassionate heart.