Real Dope Yoga Retreat

With Lauren Logan

January 16 - 21, 2019


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About Lauren

Lauren Logan is a 500RYT certified through and teaching for YogaWorks in NYC. Lauren found hope and healing in yoga through a long struggle with chronic illness and now shares all that she’s learned in her 15+ years of practice to help her students find their own benefits of yoga. And she keeps it fun. And challenging. Her style is an ashtanga-informed vinyasa that stays moving, often to the sounds of Drake or a great electronic remix of a classic, best described as just real dope yoga.

The Retreat

First thing, what about the food right?
It’s going to be so good and a feature of the trip. Everything will be completely gluten-free in the style of Lauren’s wedding - without anyone noticing at all except when they feel better than usual. A private in-home chef will prepare meals coordinated with Lauren to be delicious and nutritious, and you’ll even get the recipes of the easy-to-make dishes to take home. Many other diet needs can be accommodated as well.

Don’t worry though, margaritas are naturally gluten-free and available throughout the trip. There is a private serve-yourself honor bar for anytime the mood strikes you, and there will be two group cocktail nights with a personal bartender.

The location of Isla Muerjes is so gorgeous and we are going to be luxed out at Coco B Isla getting the treatment.

Mornings will be filled with yoga workshops in the gorgeous outdoor yoga space overlooking the ocean. Lauren will teach you all of the yoga things your heart desires - focusing especially on handstands, arm balances, backbends, and ways to build strength that don’t suck.

Afternoons are for soaking up the sun, doing fun beach things, catching up on reading, taking optional group excursions, getting a massage, or maybe doing more yoga. Four dinners will be on-site with one night out on the town.

Overall, this experience is perfect for anyone who's into yoga, wants to sharpen their practice, and is down for a fun sunny trip in January.