Risks & Contraindications of Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBT)

 **It is advised to not use the chamber within 24 hours of flying**

Although Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been reported to be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, this therapy is not meant as a cure for any condition or disease and no therapeutic outcomes can be guaranteed. We do not in any way recommend hyperbaric therapy as a substitute for any medical treatments prescribed or suggested by any medical physician. We do not make any guarantees to any results that an individual may experience. We are NOT medical practitioners.

Risks of mHBT

OTIC BAROTRAUMA: Is a condition of injury to the eardrum, and is extremely unlikely to occur in the mild hyperbaric chamber.

PULMONARY HYPEREXPANSION: This condition is very rare under mild hyperbaric treatments. However, to be overly cautious, HOLDING YOUR BREATH DURING DECOMPRESSION MUST BE AVOIDED as it could lead to expansion of the air in your lungs and damage to the lung tissues. In the highly unlikely event of an unexpected rapid decompression, it is critical that you exhale immediately.

MEDICATIONS: mild Hyperbaric Therapy may enhance the effectiveness or increase the metabolism (decrease the effectiveness) of any medication you are taking. It is recommended that you consult with your physician before use to ensure the effects of your medication are not altered.

PREGNANCY – mHBT is not permitted during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Contraindications of mHBT

If you are unable to equalize ear pressure in one or both ears and experience pain in one or both ears, it is critical that you communicate any discomfort immediately to the staff. If you are unable to equalize the pressure in your ears the visit will be immediately terminated. If this happens or if pain persists beyond the visit, we recommend that you consult your physician to evaluate and alleviate the situation.

If you have an ear, sinus and/or throat congestion, head cold, virus or prior trauma to the ears, you should not use the chamber as they may cause discomfort and possible damage.

DETOXIFYING OR CELL DIEOFF: mild Hyperbaric Therapy may assist the body to naturally detoxify and balance digestive flora. The user may experience some symptoms of this die-off in as little as 1 – 36 hours after treatment.

Symptoms may include; flu-like symptoms, loss of appetite, stomach ach, constipation, diarrhea, headache and behavioral issues. Although unpleasant, this is a natural process, however if symptoms persist, we recommend consulting with your physician to alleviate the situation before trying another session

PNEUMOTHORAX: mild Hyperbaric Therapy is contraindicated for an existing pneumothorax (collapsed lung). If you have a Pneumothorax or suspect that Pneumothorax is an issue, you cannot use the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber unless you provide a doctor’s clearance

COMPRESSIVE BRAIN LESIONS: mild Hyperbaric Therapy is contraindicated for existing compressive brain lesions (subdural, hematoma, intercranial hematoma). If you have compressive brain lesions or have experienced them in the past you must provide a Doctor’s clearance note to be able to use the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.

DIABETES / INSULIN DEPENDANT: Insulin dependency may result in a drop in blood sugar while in the chamber. You must inform staff if you think an episode is likely. You are required to; A) take a blood sugar reading prior to your treatment (if below 150, you must have a snack prior to treatment) and again after your treatment (if below 150, you must have a snack prior to leaving). B) take a snack into the chamber with you.

SENSITIVITY TO CHEMICALS (MCS) / ODORS / ALLERGY: Avoid wearing heavy colognes as the smells may linger in the chamber and have an adverse effect on another patient. If your sensitivities or allergies become triggered in the chamber, you must inform staff and terminate the session.

We recommend that you wearing a charcoal mask or filter if it is known to assist your condition (masks are not provided).

Never use the hyperbaric oxygen chamber while under the influence of medicines, sleeping aids, drugs, alcohol or other intoxication.

You acknowledge the risks involved in the use of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. You understand use of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is at your own risk. You alone will evaluate use of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber after consultation and approval from your doctor.

You hereby release Inspired Retreats and its staff from all claims and liabilities arising from the use or misuse of hyperbaric therapy indemnifying and holding Inspired Retreats and its agents harmless from all claims and liabilities wherefrom, whatsoever.