Indulge in a massage or facial using coconut oil, therapy-grade essential oils & 100% natural products


Relaxing Massage

A medium pressure, full body massage that will leave

you feeling light and refreshed.

$70 - 60 minutes

$100 - 90 minutes


Aromatherapy Massage

Enhance mental clarity and spark the relaxation

response with the therapeutic aromas of carefully

selected essential oils and soothing full-body massage.

$80 - 60 minutes

$110 - 90 minutes


Deep Tissue Massage

Reduce the pain and tension of chronically contracted

muscles. The masseuse will use hard pressure to help

realign deep layers of muscles and connective tissue.

$90 - 60 minutes

$130 - 90 minutes


Nourish Facial

Soothing aromas moisturize the skin and

relax the whole body.


Lavender and vanilla facial scrub

Oatmeal and honey mask

Rosewater toner

Rosehip serum


$70 - 50 minutes


Brighten and Purify Facial

Reduce inflammation and unclog pores to reveal

bright, smooth skin.


Tea tree and peppermint scrub

Bentonite clay and activated charcoal mask

Rosemary toner

Jojoba coconut moisturizer


$70 - 50 minutes


Anti-aging Facial

Tighten skin appearance and fight sun damage.


Coffee and vanilla  scrub

Alma mask (high vitamin C)

Green tea toner

Seabuckthorn and borage serum


$80 - 50 minutes


Full manicure with gel polish.



Full pedicure with gel polish


Osteopathy Session

With Eduardo Hernandez

Osteopathy is a branch of medical practice that emphasizes the diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders through the manipulation and massage of the bones, joints, and muscles.

$120 - 90 minutes